The Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Review That Will Save You Money!


my bikini body guide review that will change our mind

My Body Today! I Love It

Are you interested in any of Kayla Itsines Bikini Guides? You might want to read my experience first.

Hey guys, I’m Samantha a proud mom and now proud of my myself! I wanted to do this bikini body guide review to show you why you should be careful when choosing the right guide to get yourself looking good in a swimsuit.

Before you spend money on ANYTHING I want to tell you my story. The story that will help you decide what’s best for you in this review.

As I got older my metabolism started to slow down so I was putting on weight really fast.

Once I started to put on that weight I lost motivation and my lifestyle became unhealthy. It wasn’t until I looked in the mirror one day that I decided I needed to take action. I needed to make a change.

That’s easier said than done right? I needed a good weight loss plan and not to mention the right one.

The first one I looked at was the Kayla Itsines workouts guide. I needed a good workout guide to follow so did some research and this seems ok.

I really wanted to get into a bikini again so this was perfect. This work put plan really did tick all the boxes and there were lot’s of reviews to read about it.

But the price was just insane! It shocked me to see how much it was to do her workout.

I ended up going with another bikini body guide alternative.


Taking A Look At The Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Cost

Let’s break down the total cost of the (BBG) Bikini Body Guide and tell me what you think.


The kayla itsines ebook fitness eating plan

  • The First 1-12 Weeks of the Bikini Body Workouts Guide – $69.97
  • Then 13-34 Weeks of the Kayla Itsines Workouts Guide – $69.97
  • Nutrition Guide – $69.97
  • Nutrition Recipe Guide – $19.97
  • Extra gym equipment – Extra Money!

As you can see this isn’t really affordable. Crazy amount of money you need to put into that. After you complete the first few weeks of the Kayla Itsines guide you need to buy more! Now I have nothing against her but I was confident I could find something better for me.

I also heard from a friend of mine that you will have to purchase additional gym equipment if you want to progress with more levels when using the Kayla Itsines workout bbg.

This doesn’t really fit well with me because I don’t need extra gym gear, that’s something to think about before looking at this workout plan.

One More Thing! She also recommends buying a heart rate monitor that will cost another $95.97 and I simply can’t afford to be spending that much. You will notice that it all starts to add up so the overall cost is quite a lot.

You’ll also need somewhere to store all this equipment, some of us don’t have that space. Just extra stuff around the house that we don’t need. Kayla Itsines Guides don’t really mention this until you get deep into the ebooks, it’s too late by then.

Her health nutrition guide is interesting but still comes with a few issues people seem to be having. I was reading a review that took me deep into the guide, the opinion from the review I read was the same my friend’s opinion. I would also have to agree.

  • They had terrible cravings
  • Some of the food was quite expensive.
  • There should be no extra cost for this
  • Apparently the diet she promotes is bad for you
  • It was a little hard to understand
  • The guide seemed rushed

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against the Kayla Itsines guide but I just think it cost too much and it’s not practical. I wanted to do this review to help people.

There are better solution out there and I talk about that soon.. Keep Reading


Should You Buy The Bikini Body Guide?

This Kayla Itsines review is to help people like you make the right decision and the right decision is to look at other options. This does cost a little too much and there are other workout plans out there that will get you that bikini body, at a lower price.

There are some extra cost that concern me and the pricing is confusing. After reading most of the bikini body guide reviews online I find that everyone has the same opinion about it. The value for money isn’t very good.

I nearly purchased it anyways because I was desperate until I found the alternative that changed my life. The bikini body workout that helped me get to my weight goal.


The Jen Furruggia Bikini Body Workout Changed Me

Remember I mentioned the alternative that changed my life? I found it by doing my research, I’ve done all the hard work for you. I’ve spent hours finding the best program that would get me back to that bikini shape. I mean if you still have interest in the Kayla Itsines guides then that’s fine but that’s not wat I was interested in.

The price was just too much.

So after all the research I did I stumbled across the Jen Furruggia Bikini Body Workouts and it ticked all the right boxes. It’s the exact same as the Kayla Itsines bikini body guide but CHEAPER, much cheaper.

This was the perfect solution for me and it worked out great. Don’t just take my word for it…

My best friend also did the body workout with me, Check out the results!

My bikini body workout transformation from the kayla itsines review

Me on the right and My friend after 30 days

This isn’t just for people who are overweight, my friend used it to tone up and she got great results in 30 days!

You can see more results on Jen’s Fitness Website Here

I now want to compare the 2 workout plans for you so it can help you in your decision.


Jen Ferrugia

Kayla Itsines

Beginner Level

Level 1 Workout $39.95

BBG 1.0 $69.97

Advanced Level

Level 2 Workout $19.99

BBG 2.0 $69.97

Nutritional Plan

FREE Nutrition Plan

Extra Cost $79.97

Total Price


Over $200!

From the look of that Jen Fferruggia has kept the price down so it’s affordable for us, not like the bikini body guide. There are no crazy over priced extras or special equipment needed like the Kayla Itsines workout. Some might argue that the fitness workout bikini programs are very similar and that’s true except for the price!

Check out the Jen Ferrugia Bikini Body Workout Program Here and see for yourself. See what you think, I think you would love it.

Let’s Take A Look At Whats Inside The Workout Program

This is the fun part! We get to take a look at what comes with the Jen Ferruggia fitness bikini program. Check out all the good stuff below.

bikini body workouts coupon

  • Interactive Ebook
  • Exercise Videos
  • Monthly Workouts
  • FREE Nutrition Guide
  • 12 Day Booty Blast
  • Supplement List
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Instant Download

One thing that stands out for me in the Bikini Body Program is the awesome videos, she has a great selection to guide you through everything. She also has a great supplement list to get you that perfect Body ready for summer. She will show you how to exercise perfectly.

I’m sure the Kayla Itsines bikini body guide has helped people but for the price, I would seriously look at Jen’s Fitness guide instead. In this  review, I just want to show you what worked for me.

Let me take you through some of my results.


65 Days On The Jen Ferruggia Program & My Results Were In!

So when I started the bikini body workout eating and fitness program I was very heavy. It took me a lot longer to active my results. People who are not as big can expect to get their final results in 40 days.

So how much did I lose?

92 Pounds! and I’m so proud, I was very skeptical when I started. When I first got on the program I wasn’t sure if I had the motivation to kept going. Jen Ferruggia and her awesome training helped me through all that. I started losing weight very fast after the first 13 days, once the nutrition kicked in.

This wasn’t like those diets everyone else always raves about, this was the real deal. I felt happier with so much more energy, I could get out of bed in the morning!

Once I got into the motion of things it became easier, The workouts really  changed my lifestyle.

People told me they alway felt hungry on the Kayla Itsines plan, now with this one I always felt full. It was a satisfying feeling to know I felt full with healthy food. I lost so much weight I just had to tell my friends about Jen’s Bikini Body nutrition plans.

A good friend of mine was already in good shape but she wanted to tone up. I sent her off to get started, she was interested in the Kayla Itsines ebook then I changed her mind.

Her results stunned me! She toned up in a matter of weeks, the results were simply amazing. Each workout takes no longer than 40 minutes so you can keep up with daily life routines

If you are looking for a fitness workout program that gets you the results you deserve then check out Jen Ferruggia and the awesome Bikini Body Workout program she has created.

I’m so happy I found a Kayla Itsines alternative and that it worked out great! I’m a new person with new life goals thanks to this. If you have any questions about this bikini body review then let me know.


The Money Back Guarantee

What I noticed is that she a money back Guarantee so you really can’t go wrong. If you don’t like it then you can simply get your money back. There is that little bit of extra security with this program. This makes me feel good and was another reason why I Didn’t go with the Kayla Itsines guide.

Not only is the Jen Ferruggia program cheap that the bikini body guide she is will to give you your money back is she needs to. This gave me confidence that her fitness nutrition program plan works. It made me feel comfortable.

It’s important that you feel happy with yourself so make the change now! Take Action. I think you will find this review should help you make up your mind.

I wish you all the best with your body transformations! I hope after all the Kayla Itsines reviews you have some across this one has helped you



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